Copier Lease Center – Used, Refurbished, and New MFPs/Copiers

By Marketing Group | January 28, 2015

The main difference between refurbished and new MFPs is the price range. Refurbished basically run “like new,” while used copiers are ‘as is.’ The terms new, refurbished, and used are tossed around a lot in the technology sector, but just in case you do not understand the nuances of the three, this post will elaborate…

Lease Tips – Copier Lease Center

By Marketing Group | January 21, 2015

Purchasing an asset such as a copier requires a significant financial investment. If it would impact your operational capital budget, then you should avoid making such a purchase. Most businesses are better off leasing a copier rather than buying one. A lease would contain all the information that you need for maintenance and accessories as…

Copier Lease Center – Laser vs Digital vs Inkjet

By Marketing Group | January 9, 2015

Laser copiers are quite popular with most businesses because they are lightning fast, and the toner supplies are cheaper than their digital and inkjet counterparts. Laser copiers provide high quality documents. Digital printers and copiers also make up the majority of devices you see in business organizations. Digital often means that it has an internal…

Leasing a Copier – Factors to Consider

By Marketing Group | December 31, 2014

Copier Leasing Copier leasing is something that you should examine with close scrutiny. If you think that copier leasing is something that you or your organization needs, you should ask yourself some questions. Some questions that you should ask yourself are: • Are the maintenance supplies included? If so, how much are they? • What…


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