Leasing a Copier vs Buying a Copier

By Marketing Group | November 22, 2014

Leasing Versus Buying a Copier Leasing a copier instead of buying one is a great option for small business owners. It helps you avoid a large up-front cost and spreads the cost of the machine out over time on your balance sheet. If you choose to lease a copier, however, be sure that you can…

Renting a Copier vs Leasing a Copier

By Marketing Group | November 19, 2014

What’s the Difference Between Leasing and Renting a Copier? If your small business needs a copier but doesn’t have the funds to make a large purchase up front, you might consider either renting or leasing a copier. Which option you choose depends upon your needs. If you rent a copier, you can expect to rent…

Why Businesses Lease Copiers

By Marketing Group | November 15, 2014

Leasing a Copier is a Great Idea for Business Owners Just go to any large store or check online and you’ll know that buying a brand new copier is just not cheap. If you need a large and industrial-size copier machine, you can easily spend tens to fifteen thousand dollars on one for your office space.…

Reasons to Lease, and Not to Lease a Copier

By Marketing Group | November 13, 2014

A Guide to Copier Leasing Introduction The copy machine in today’s fast paced business world is the epicenter of an office’s central nervous system. With medium sized offices easily averaging twenty to thirty thousand copies per month, picking the right machine is paramount. Perhaps even more important than the multitude of multi-function capabilities now available…


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