Benefits of a Copier Lease

By Marketing Group | December 3, 2013

Leasing a copier for your office is a great way to make sure you get a good value on your investment. Leasing a copier is a good way to make sure you get 100 percent tax relief on the equipment, and you also have an easier path to upgrade your copier if you want to…

Leasing When Buying is Not an Option Due to Cash Flow

By Marketing Group | December 2, 2013

Finding the Perfect Copier For any business, having a high quality copy machine is mandatory. All of your important files, invoices, notes and memos must be produced in a quick, precise manner. An outstanding business is able to maintain the flow of documents in an efficient way. Despite all of this, many companies skimp out…

Copier Sales Reps

By Marketing Group | November 27, 2013

If you are a seasoned copier sales rep who understands the business of leasing and lease rate factors, we may have the job opportunity for you!  You can work from your home, as long as you are producing you can work in Costa Rica for all we care.  We want sales reps who are great…

Getting Out of a Bad Copier Lease

By Marketing Group | November 26, 2013

Getting out of a copier lease is something that many people want to do.  Getting out of a copier lease can become difficult.  Why?  The copier lease is generally done through a bank, banks are good at collections – and they don’t necessarily want to give you a free ride.  So if you are stuck…

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