Different Copier Leases

By Marketing Group | December 10, 2013

Opt for Lease vs. Buy When it comes time to save money, you may consider leasing your office copier rather than buying one. Why? Well, for starters you save money through affordable monthly payment programs, saving your cash for more important business expenses. Your copier is essential to the daily functioning of your company, so…

Who Should Lease a Copier

By Marketing Group | December 8, 2013

Why Should I Lease A Copier? If your business is in the market for equipment like a copier, it might be a good idea to consider leasing one instead of purchasing one. There are advantages to leasing copiers over a direct purchase of one. Copiers Become Obsolete Quickly High tech office equipment like copies can…

Why Purchase? Lease Instead

By Marketing Group | December 7, 2013

Go with a Lease Instead of Purchase¬† It can be difficult in these economic times to give up a large amount of cash for an office equipment purchase outright. Who has that kind of cash lying around? And you don’t want to tangle up your credit in a purchase like a copier or printer, because…

Why Lease

By Marketing Group | December 6, 2013

When you need a new copier, but are sick of your equipment getting old and outdated practically right after you buy them, you can feel good about leasing a copier for your small to medium business. There are several advantages to this practice. You can save money through affordable, convenient monthly payment programs. This means…

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