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The True Cost of “Free” Copier Upgrades

By Marketing Group | August 3, 2020

A fundamental misunderstanding exists that costs customers thousands of dollars. Their lease expires in a little more than a year, and their copier rep tells the customer that they’ll give them a free upgrade if they change now. How Copier Reps Use the Word “Free” to Scam You Out of Thousands of Dollars In the…

How Color Coverage Affects Your Costs

By Marketing Group | July 14, 2020

How Does Color Coverage Affect Your Bottom Line? Color coverage, in its most elementary form, is the percentage of the page covered in color. However, that description doesn’t tell the whole story. We’ll go over how much color coverage you can have on a page, how it affects your bottom line, and how you can…

Save $815 on a Copier Lease With This Simple Trick

By Marketing Group | July 1, 2020

Leasing A Copier in 2020? Use This Trick to Save Around $815 What Is a Lease Rate Ladder? As you’re looking at the copier lease rate, have you gotten a rate from the company? Do you understand what the 3, 4, or 5-year costs will be? If there are breakpoints in dollar amounts where you’ll…

The Drama of a Copier Lease Return

By Marketing Group | June 24, 2020

Returning a Copier (And the Drama That Awaits You) Your lease is finally over. At last, you can return your old copier to your leasing company and trade it out for one that isn’t falling apart. In that moment of happiness, you get the bad news: You will be responsible for packaging the copier AND…

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