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How to Decipher the Mystery of a Copier Quote

By Marketing Group | August 12, 2020

You’re buying a copier (possibly for the first time), and all the numbers you are seeing are overwhelming. Understanding all the information these reps throw your way feels like an impossibly daunting task. Every step of the way, you wish that someone could make this entire process easier to comprehend. Suddenly, you speak to a…

Is Your Copier Slowly Killing Your Employees?

By Marketing Group | August 9, 2020

Virtually every copier on the planet produces what are called Volatile Organic Compounds, and they can cause your workers to develop serious (and sometimes permanent) respiratory problems. This article will help you identify the compounds your copier likely produces, and how to keep your workers safe from these compounds. Which Compounds Does Your Copier Most…

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Do You Need a Copier that Does Tabloid Printing?

By Marketing Group | August 6, 2020

Here are some simple facts to consider about A3 tabloid prints: Less than 3% of printed pages use tabloid sheets, though 24% of unit placements are tabloid capable. Industry averages say you’ll spend more than 40% over three years (close to $7,000) if you buy a tabloid copier. A tabloid copier will take up more…

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The True Cost of “Free” Copier Upgrades

By Marketing Group | August 3, 2020

A fundamental misunderstanding exists that costs customers thousands of dollars. Their lease expires in a little more than a year, and their copier rep tells the customer that they’ll give them a free upgrade if they change now. How Copier Reps Use the Word “Free” to Scam You Out of Thousands of Dollars In the…

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