Why is the quote from a competitor cheaper?

By Marketing Group | January 17, 2022

Why is my quote cheaper elsewhere? There can be many factors that affect pricing, so answering why your costs may be higher without specifically looking at the offers can be a bit of a trick. For any company doing copier sales, there are a few revenue sources and some costs they have to factor. Most…

Does it matter how long a copier company has been in business?

By Marketing Group | January 14, 2022

Common Question: How Long Have You Been in Business? If you are getting ready to lease a copier, one of the questions that may come up is how long have they been in business. Most people, when they ask, are just wanting to be sure this is not a brand new copier company. If they…

How long does it take to get a copier?

By Marketing Group | January 14, 2022

Getting a copier can be a bit tricky at the moment. Right now, we have heard from some manufacturers that some of their models are out 6 months from now. That is super long, where it used to always be in stock and ready to ship. It is taking close to a month in a…

What to do if Your Current Copier Company Goes Out of Business

By Marketing Group | December 27, 2021

Covid has been tricky for some companies to manage, and there are always companies that fail as a natural course of business. Maybe it is bad management or bad luck. The problem is what happens to the clients they leave behind? If you have been working with a copier company that has gone out of…

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