Leasing Copiers for Home Users

By Marketing Group | August 18, 2020

One of the interesting things we are finding with this COVID economy is there are many professionals who are working from home and who need small units at their home to stay productive, but do not necessarily want to buy a unit from the big box stores because those units break and it is hard…

Maryland Copy Machine

Copier Speed and Warm Up Time – Why the Difference Matters

By Marketing Group | August 15, 2020

If you are looking at a copier, you may be overwhelmed at all the data your copier reps are throwing your way. They tell you about the “speeds and feeds.” You don’t know what to do with the data laid out in front of you. However, in this gigantic data pile dropped in your lap,…

woman in Alaska using Copy Machine

How to Decipher the Mystery of a Copier Quote

By Marketing Group | August 12, 2020

You’re buying a copier (possibly for the first time), and all the numbers you are seeing are overwhelming. Understanding all the information these reps throw your way feels like an impossibly daunting task. Every step of the way, you wish that someone could make this entire process easier to comprehend. Suddenly, you speak to a…

Is Your Copier Slowly Killing Your Employees?

By Marketing Group | August 9, 2020

Virtually every copier on the planet produces what are called Volatile Organic Compounds, and they can cause your workers to develop serious (and sometimes permanent) respiratory problems. This article will help you identify the compounds your copier likely produces, and how to keep your workers safe from these compounds. Which Compounds Does Your Copier Most…

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