Backlogs, Shortages and Chip Constraints

By Marketing Group | December 3, 2021

Manufacturers have come to the unfortunate conclusion that supply chain issues are here with us for a while. Every manufacturer is dealing with the problem at one level or another. This problem is not going away soon, so businesses need to understand what is happening and why so they can prepare for a rocky start…

Printing on Cardstock With Your Copier

By Marketing Group | October 7, 2021

One of the aggravating things for most people comes to printing cardstock and printing envelopes with their copier. These two types of printing tend to cause the great number of issues in the actual printing (not the networking of the copier.) Before you can even decide on what printer or copier is right for you,…

New Focus on Virginia Beach for Xerox Copiers

By Marketing Group | April 27, 2021

Copier Sales in Virgina Beach We have strategically chosen Virginia Beach as a place we want to focus efforts to sell Xerox copiers? Why? The owner of this site lives in Virginia and we have noticed there is a lot of turnover in Virginia Beach with dealers, so we want to take care of clients…

Most popular copiers in 2020

By Marketing Group | February 18, 2021

Sometimes we like to know which copiers are doing the best in the marketplace. We took some time to get some of the industry data, and these are the most popular copiers we are seeing in the market. They are not sorted in any specific order, other than by brand. We sell Xerox copiers, but…

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