Most popular copiers in 2020

By Marketing Group | February 18, 2021

Sometimes we like to know which copiers are doing the best in the marketplace. We took some time to get some of the industry data, and these are the most popular copiers we are seeing in the market. They are not sorted in any specific order, other than by brand. We sell Xerox copiers, but…

Printing Tabloid on Your Copier and How to Save

By Marketing Group | October 19, 2020

Looking for a Copier that Prints Tabloid?  Most copier companies push to sell the A3 copier when the A4 model will suit most companies and is more cost effective.  In fact, here are some facts to consider when purchasing a A3 tabloid copier.   A3 copiers print slower than A4 models. They also take up…

New Xerox Altalink Line an Improvement Over Former Series

By Marketing Group | September 7, 2020

Each time a manufacturer does a refresh, there is always buzz from them, about exciting stuff and changes, but most of the time it is of very little importance. It might be a small DPI change or a doc feeder that holds 10 more pages. The Xerox Altalink upgrade I expected the same – an…

Your Copier Is a Data Vulnerability Risk

By Marketing Group | August 21, 2020

If you copy and print documents with sensitive information, such as credit card or social security numbers, you could be running a massive risk of getting that data stolen. Your copier may have a hidden piece of hardware inside of it you may not be aware of, and it could leave you open to potentially…

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