Copier Accessories

Whether you lease or buy a copier, you will often need accessories. Here is a glossary of copier accessories, if you are not sure what they are all about:

550 Sheet Feeder – This could also be called an extra paper tray.  What this would be used for is if you had some jobs in letter sized (8.5 X 11) paper and other in Legal sized (8.5 X 14) and didn’t want to unload one paper source and load the other paper source.  Most copies have what is called a manual paper feed, so if it is occasional, you could always use that instead.

Fax Kit – This gives your copier the capacity to send and receive faxes.


2000 Sheet Feeder – Also High Capacity paper feeder – What this accessory does is allow you to load up 4 paper trays so that you don’t have to change out paper quite as often.

Copier Stand – If you have a sturdy desk, this often is not needed (and the space), however, if you need the space or the desk can’t handle 100 pounds, this is for you.

Finisher – Stapler – This is an automatic feature so you or your staff don’t have to manually use a stapler.

Postscript – This is really important for Mac users.  If you have a Mac, make sure the copier comes with PostScript or you get this option.

Network Installation – This is great for people who don’t have an IT team or don’t want to deal with the setup of the copier.  Normally it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to properly set up a copier with all the features for most companies.

Fiery Controller – This is normally for print shops or people who require “perfect color on their documents.

These accessories fit Xerox brand printers and most other popular brands.

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